Frequently Asked Questions


Your wedding is one of the the biggest days of your life.

It is therefore only natural that you will have at least a few questions to ask. Hopefully this section will answer a few of them for you.

Should you have a question that is not answered on this page please do not hesitate to contact me via the "Contact Us" page and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.




Why Should we hire you?


You have read this far because you connect with my photographs - that is the first most important reason.  Contact me for a chat and find out whether I am the type of person who will fit in with your friends and family on the most important day of your life and we are pretty much there.


Do you work alone?

Very rarely do I work alone. All collection prices are based on the attendance of two photographers. Weddings are big events and we want to capture those moments for you.  By having two photographers you have more coverage and a greater dynamic range of shots.


What style of photography do you adopt?

Natural, unobtrusive and romantic, capturing moments and telling the story of your day in all it’s many facets; love, laugher and tears included.  Each wedding is unique and we strive to capture that uniqueness as the day unfolds. We therefore mix Candide with a more structured and formal approach when it comes to the organisation of group shots and those signature shots you can look back on for many years to come.

Most importantly It's about having a good balance between making sure we capture some amazing images whilst allowing you to relax, enjoy your day and spend time with your friends and family.


Do you do engagement sessions?

We certainly do. A number of our collections include this service, and where it is not included a session can be added as an optional extra.

 Wherever you are having your wedding we are happy to spend a few hours together with you somewhere that means something special to you.


What if I hate having my photo taken?

I sympathise and remain the other side of the lens for a reason.

The idea of a photographer is to have the experience to capture your best side without you even knowing it's happening.

The day is not a photo shoot, it is about capturing your special memories.

Part of the reason we offer an engagement session as part of our collections is so that you get to know us as photographers, and so that you feel more relaxed in front of the lens. We also get to know you and what you are comfortable with. We will never ask you to do anything that does not feel right to you.

The rest happens naturally and we will be in the background capturing your day as it unfolds.



How far do you travel to photograph weddings?

I am mainly based in Dorset, but wherever you are getting married I am happy to travel to.

Travel has been and continues to be a big part of my life.  The more remote and extreme the better.

Contact me with your plans and let’s work something out.


Can I afford you?

Full day peak season wedding coverage starts at around £995. However, we have a number of collections that cover most budgets.

The best thing to do is get in touch to discuss your wedding plans. If you can't see what you want on the collection list I can provide a personalised estimate for your wedding.

If you don’t think you can afford me, payment plans are available.

We also offer discounts for midweek, winter and unplugged weddings


What do you mean by full day coverage?

Every wedding is different.  Full day means capturing the beginning to the end of the day ensuring that the whole story of your wedding is captured.


What do you class as a winter wedding?

A winter wedding is any type of wedding, be it part day or full that takes place in the months of November, December and January


What do you mean by an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you have requested your guests to leave their smart phones and tablets at home, so that the vital part of the day is witnessed by your guests and captured by your hired photographer.


I want to book - what do I do now?

A £200 deposit secures your date along with a signed contract. If you wish to book us, simply get in touch and we will arrange a meeting over coffee and go from there.


Will you spend hours doing group photos and portraits?

That is entirely down to you and how you wish your wedding to be captured. If you want 15 group portraits then expect to spend a substantial amount of time on this. If, however, you want the minimum then that's fine as well. Part of the process leading up to your special day is to go through the time line and establish that a realistic amount of time is available for us to capture what you want to us to capture of your day.

 For your couple signature shoots I recommend allowing a minimum of 20/30 minutes, again depending on what you want. On full day weddings is it not unusual to have two separate signature sessions so that you are not away from your guests for too long.


How many photos will you give me?

It depends on the collection you have chosen, the length of the day and how the day comes together.

Each approximation is given within the collection details.  These will be in a mixture of colour and black and white.  I choose the best treatment to maximise each image and the split is usually about 25% b&w and 75% colour.  If you prefer to have all of your images in colour, Black and white or any other effect, please let me know beforehand.

I don't hand over RAW files, this would be like asking a chef to give you the raw ingredients before the dish is constructed. Every image that I give you has been carefully chosen and individually edited so that you have a coherent set of images that tell your story.


How and when will I get my photos?

You will first see your wedding photographs on a private Online sharing gallery.  You can share this link with your friends and family.  Images can be bought directly from here by your guests. You can favourite yours so that they come directly back to me and start the Album design process.  Allow 3-4 weeks to receive all your images on the gallery, depending on how busy I am.

If you have booked the Mini Studio with us then these are available on the gallery within 48 hours.

Once we have agreed on your album and print designs, these will be sent off for completion. This process can take between 2 and 6 weeks to final delivery.


Will you put my images on social media?

I am on Facebook, and recently Instagram and Twitter.

 This is how most people find me so, yes, I will feature my favourite images from your wedding.  If you have a particular reason why you prefer me not to please chat to me about this in advance and we can work something out.


What about contracts/insurance etc?

I am fully insured and can supply documents to your venue if required.

 I will send you a copy of your contract electronically when you decide to book me.  This is fairly standard and outlines what I will provide and what I need from you.

 If for any reason I cannot attend your wedding due mainly to serious illness then I am already surrounded by a fantastic team who have talent and experience of their own, and who would be very capable in capturing your special day.


What does the names of the collections refer back to?


I have been fortunate enough to come across many cultures in a historical and travel context, so having a desire to be different to all those named collections out there, I decided the honour the goddess' of love and marriage.

Here is a brief outline of each;

Freyja - The goddess of love in Norse Mythology (Vikings) her name translates as "The Lady"

Hathor - The goddess of love and joy in Ancient Egypt. She was one of the most popular of the Gods and her name translates as the "Mansion of Horus" - her husband

Nuwy -  The goddess of Wedding rings and jewellery in Chinese Tradition. Her name is pronounced Na-way.

Aphrodite - The goddess of Love and beauty in the Greek Pantheon, she is probably one of the most recognised deities in the world.

Venus -  The goddess of love, beauty and desire in the Roman Pantheon. She to is one of the most recognised deities in the world and epitome of love






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